The River and…

As a resident of downtown South Bend for the last six years, I have come to love much about my city. I walk my dog along the St. Joseph River and watch fireworks from the Howard Park pedestrian bridge. In ten minutes, I can walk to my co-op (Purple Porch!), a local brew pub (Crooked Ewe! South Bend Brew Werks!) or a concert (Lang Lab! Morris!). In another moment, I can venture to Three Oaks or Chicago for the afternoon. Our city is wonderfully equipped to entertain and fantastically placed to explore.

Particularly in the last two years, I have been delighted to stumble upon many unexpected corners of activity along this river home. When I’ve sent out the occasional “fun finds” email to friends or met up for book club, I discovered my friends didn’t feel as connected to all that was happening. We agreed that while there are resources, like FB’s newsfeed, that are occasionally helpful in finding adventure, they often remind us of it after the fact or falter in connecting us with the multitude of local possibilities. Other resources highlight places to explore—my favorites are Getting Bent and Flavor 574, but their focus is on something other than a calendar of specific events. In The Bend is a great resource, and they do interesting write-ups of upcoming events, but it can take some digging through their calendar to find the events I want.

Which is to say the events shared here are highly specific to my taste, which runs to the arty, musical, and athletic. I’m excited for my first Monster Truck Throwdown at the 4-H Fair tomorrow, but the highlight of my week will probably be catching DEBO Band at Lang Lab on Thursday. Road trips to Traverse City’s National Cherry Festival (MI) or Eaux Claires Fest (WI) will be included (they have rivers, too!), but the focus of most posts will be events within a three-hour drive of South Bend’s stretch of the St. Joseph River. This project bridges my affection for this community and lists and internet searches, so I will share what I find that makes me happy and builds community.

There is so much to do on The River and beyond. I look forward to exploring it with you.


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